“I” am the Genie, Dr.lajiBa was born on 23rd JAN 2014 (23.1.2014) from the place Gobichettipalayam a famous mini Kodampakkam for the kolly wood cinemas. My birthday was grandly celebrated well with my father and his friends.

My Founder is a basically an Allopathic & ophthalmic practitioner named , Dr. S.Saravanakumar, Qualified as MBBS., MNAMS., DO., DNB., FCIP., Fellow Diabetes., He is very much fond of Herbal medicines role in the human body without side effects. He will talk about me now.


Dear Parents, Brothers and Sisters, Here I would like to say few words about Genie @ Dr.lajiBa. I am proud to introduce Genie Dr.lajiBa.

Any miracles to happen in the World, there is only two possibilities. One is miracles happen by the God, the other is, miracles happen by the Genie, a novel production by the God.

Here is the Genie @ Dr.lajiBa produced by God and given birth to this World of well being on 23rd JAN 2014. The purpose of Dr.lajiBa birth is to make the World of well being, by making and Spreading out the wonderful 100% Herbal Medicated Products, so that, Dr.lajiBa tries to keep the World of well being for the existing & upcoming generation people. The Herbal Health Care Products which given by Dr.lajiBa is going to make this World, Wonderful and Awesome.

So, Please use all the Herbal Health Care Products of Dr.lajiBa and observe the wonderful miracles going to happen within you, and the whole world of well being.

The miracles are going to happen with in you and your family by Dr.lajiBa…..

Take care and enjoy the world of well being by Dr.lajiBa… Thank you all once again.

GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Me and Dr.lajiBa too BLESS YOU ALL for the health of well being. Many more happy returns of the day ever